The Key Concepts of GREAT LEADERSHIP!

Great leaders look to maximize performance, productivity and profits.  They work tirelessly in the pursuit of reaching their fullest potential while turning their vision into fruition.  As I’ve stated before, being a leader isn’t easy.  It takes resolve, experience and a certain type of fearlessness.  And while I have said you can’t become a leader from just reading a book or a blog, you can learn important tips, guidance and gain inspiration.   With that said,  I present to you the core principles in theThe Path to Great Leadershipseries!!



The KEY ACTIONS to take as a LEADER

These three key concepts, when looking back on my career in the news industry, are the ones that without a doubt helped me the most.  They kept me focused, at my best and helped me in my quest to reach my full potential as a leader.  Over the coming weeks and months, utilizing Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube I will be sharing this information with you.  I want you to have an advantage, become a better leader and have more success in your life.  For this blog,  I will begin by giving you an outline of each concept and what to expect in The Path to Great Leadership series.

The MINDSET of a LEADER:  Simply stated, you need to get your mind right to lead right.   Your mindset is everything.  How you feed it, determines the quality of your life, interactions with friends, family, clients, business associates…. the list goes on.    Having a bad mindset will ultimately affect your profits and inhibit you on your journey in reaching your full potential. The mindset begins with how you start your day.  From the moment you wakeup, you need to create your Blender of Positivity! Learn how to feed your mind the correct way and how to break through mental barriers to overcome challenging obstacles within you.

The FOUNDATION of LEADERSHIP:  The foundation is a basic guideline to maintain for successful leadership.  You must have a strong foundation to attain massive success, handle chaos, stress and every other challenge you will face on the road to greatness. Unlike a strong building, ex. Empire State Building, where the foundation is unbreakable, we mortal humans need to constantly be fortifying  and performing maintenance on our foundation.   I will teach you the 4 Pillars of PACK!  A simple but effective blueprint that you can rely on to keep your foundation strong and focused at all times.

The KEY ACTIONS to Take as a LEADER:   As with anything worth doing, there are also things worth repeating.   I have found that there are six pertinent actions that keep coming back in the  pursuit to being a great leader.   They include your most valuable asset and your most precious gift.  They answer the following: How do you keep your team inspired?  How to stay calm in chaos?  Can you be decisive in your decision making yet flexible at the same time? Why honesty is so incredibly important?  These key actions, when utilized often and faithfully will help you and your team maximize performance, productivity and profits!

These are the three main core concepts in The Path to Great Leadership series.  I will provide you with tips and actionable information that you will be able to implement immediately.   These concepts are not just for the experienced leader, but for those that want to start to learn about leadership as well.   I am very excited to be sharing this series with you and to be a part of your journey!


I’m Bernie Pigott.
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Bernie Pigott is a speaker and consultant in the areas of leadership, media communications and crisis management.  Mr. Pigott is a C-Suite Network Advisor for the C-Suite Network. He is a former Sr. Manager and Producer with over 20 years of experience in the news industry working for FOX News Channel, FOX News Radio and CNBC. He was the “go to” person when history making news events were happening live, including 9-11, Hurricane Katrina and many more.  His high content, memorable programs include unique stories gleaned from his years of experience in the news industry.  For bookings visit

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