Senator Steve Smith Arizona LD 11

“The advice and guidance relating to media relations from Bernie Pigott was extremely helpful as his in-depth experience and knowledge is immense.  Thanks Bernie!”

David Avella Chairman at GOPAC, Inc.

Bernie recently spoke to GOPAC’s class of 2017 Emerging Leaders, a group of more than 23 up and coming Republican legislators from around the country, at our Emerging Leaders Summit. His program, “How to Dominate in the Network News Arena” is perfect for those that want to learn how to navigate the complexities of the media industry.  If you want to deliver excellent media interviews, get your message heard and create engaging content, I highly recommend you talk with Bernie Pigott.

Michelle Fox Vice President of Sales at National HME, Inc.

Completed the most incredible media training and message development courses in NYC with Bernie Pigott. I would highly recommend reaching out to him directly for your own personal or professional development.  He offers tons of customized courses and will travel to you and/or your company for media training, messaging, strategy, etc. I have learned so much from this expert 20 year Fox News producer.

Jessica Curtis Executive Director

Bernie’s delivery is clear, concise and applicable to anyone wanting insight into the inner workings of the news beast. His program and discussion were customized to fit our group’s needs. It was EXCELLENT, and in being afforded the opportunity to sit in as he spoke to GOPAC’s 2017 Emerging Leaders Summit, I found great value in his presentation, as did the group of 23 legislators that were there also.

Lois Creamer Speaker industry Expert | Monetize Your Intellectual Property | BookMoreBusiness.com

There are many speakers who talk about leadership but have never actually led. Bernie Pigott IS a leader. He shares his front line experience and stories gleaned from being a producer at a major news network.

Bernie was in charge on 9-11 and produced live coverage of events as they happened. Decisions were made instantaneously. The network news business is a pressure cooker for leaders! If you’re looking for someone who knows leadership from the inside out, look no further.

Max Allegretta Deputy Director at US Department of Defense

Mr. Pigott has a wealth of knowledge. His background and experience were key factors in positioning me for continued success. His messaging and strategic insights provided the foundation for enabling growth in my business space. His guidance and visionary thinking were instrumental in setting me up for success, and I consider him a trusted consultant.

Jeffrey H. Birnbaum President
BGR Public Relations

I’ve known Bernie Pigott for many years. I worked with him when I was a political analyst for Fox News Channel and Fox News Radio. Bernie is dedicated and always prepared. He’s a leader who engenders real loyalty. He has a way of lifting up people around him and staying calm and focused when times get tough.

Rich Vesga Account Executive
Scantron Corporation

Bernie Pigott is a true leader. His knowledge and dedication to his craft is one to admire. Mr. Pigott’s communication strategies and forward thinking approach creates opportunities that lead to greater business growth. His counsel is invaluable and has helped me excel in my field. He is more than just a consultant, he is a true confidant.

Crys Quimby National Director of Programming, NBC News Radio & 24/7 News

Bernie was my direct supervisor when I anchored at Fox News Radio between management jobs a few years back. Bernie was always there, always “on” and ever pleasant and efficient. I’d be pleased to work with Bernie again. He got things done without stressing everyone out, which is a not so common quality in a news environment.

Ron Ceglia Owner
Wrap Your Ride LLC

Bernie Pigott is a straight shooter who is not afraid to say what is needed in order to cut through the muck and gain the best results. His knowledge and insight has been invaluable in helping me launch my business. He sees things differently than most and has a way of explaining things that everyone can understand. Bernie is the real deal. I highly recommend giving him a call.

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